Benefits of Sugar Scrub Massage

Benefits of Sugar Scrub Massage

Benefits of Sugar Scrub Massage

Benefits of Sugar Scrub Massage

The International Spa Association states that scrubs can bring your body many aesthetic benefits. A sugar scrub massage is a popular treatment. Knowing about its advantages can help motivate you to get it on your next spa day. Here are the details.


Removes Skin Impurities


Clogged pores can cause many skin problems, such as back acne. Studies show that skin breakouts may have something to do with hormone levels and genetics. But the main cause of these breakouts is trapped dirt in your pores. The dirt mixes with dead skin and oil. This leads to pore clogging and irritation. Pimples and blackheads then form.


Getting a sugar scrub can remove these impurities. Each granule helps lift the dirt from your skin. This skin treatment also contains nourishing organic oils. They can rejuvenate your tired skin during the massage. Failing to clean your skin enough can let dirt collect and clog your pores. Excessive skin cleaning can dry it out. A sugar scrub massage can help you achieve balance.


Relaxes and Calms


Stress can lead to dull skin and breakouts. Anxiety can affect your well-being. A sugar scrub massage can soothe you as the skin nutrients you need melt into your skin. At first, it will feel grainy. But as the massage continues, the sensation becomes similar to applying lotion or oil on your skin. The kneading motion can loosen your muscles after a tense day or week.


Makes Your Skin Glow


Studies show that glowing skin is more attractive. This applies to both men and women. Daily stress, free radicals, and impurities tend to dull your skin. Sometimes, lotions and soaps are not enough to produce the radiance that you want. This is where a sugar scrub massage can help.


The organic oils can nourish the skin as the sugar granules remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This will reveal new, healthier skin. You can then achieve the youthful glow that you want after your session.


Releases Toxins from the Skin


Many factors affect your skin’s health and appearance. Research reveals that premature aging sets in due to your exposure to pollution, UV rays, and chemicals. These factors can cause wrinkles and breakouts. With a sugar scrub massage, the stored toxins can leave your skin. The treatment can then make you feel rejuvenated.


Balances Skin Oils


Balance is important in skin health. Part of maintaining soft, smooth, and clear skin is finding a skincare routine that works for you. It is not enough to tone, whiten, and moisturize. You need the natural oils and glycolic acid in the sugar scrub massage to balance your skin’s environment.


Strips Away Ingrown Hairs


Ingrown hairs can clog pores. Trapped hair follicles can be itchy. They are not good to look at as well. You can have a sugar scrub massage before you shave. This treatment can release the ingrown hair. After the treatment, shaving can be more satisfying, knowing that you got rid of your unwanted hair follicles. The area will feel smoother as well.


Knowing the benefits of a sugar scrub massage may convince you more to have this treatment on your next med spa appointment. At Rest Massage & Spa, we always aim to pamper as we help them achieve better health and well-being. Feel free to visit our spa facility in Houston, Texas, for an in-person consultation. You can also reach us at (281) 888-9053 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our sugar scrub massage packages.

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